Rebecca & Ariana – Friends (Photo + Video)



129 Pictures in ZIP Format + VIDEO

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Product Description

Downloadable photo album in zip format + Video
Resolution: 2000 x 3000
Video Resolution: 1080×720 (Using camera from computer)
Length: 13:28
Video Thumbnails:

rebecca-ariana-vidcap-1 rebecca-ariana-vidcap-4 rebecca-ariana-vidcap-3 rebecca-ariana-vidcap-2

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5 years 9 days ago

So much beauty in one set. Both Ariana and Rebecca are stunning, and together even more so :)
The video is a nice addition, even if the quality isn’t that great, it’s nice to have a look into what goes on during a photo session.

Wonderful as always, thanks Marvel Charm.

5 years 9 days ago

wowwwww this is hot…incredible!!!!
i love this girls and her feets!!
thanks man

5 years 9 days ago

Ariana looks great (Rebecca too 😉 )! And yes, a vid in addition. Thanks!
Please more, more, more of the beauty Ariana.

Serjan W.
5 years 8 days ago

I think this is the first video of Ariana, right? Never have seen her in motion before!! Thanks a lot and it is an awesome set. Please more of Ariana!

5 years 8 days ago

I didn’t know I needed this update as badly as I did. Wow they’re great together. Unreal. The video is an amazing addition too, so you’ve got my vote for this becoming a regular thing – just having the camera running off to the side like this is absolutely fine by me (especially when Rebecca is present), but of course anything on top of that is a bonus.

5 years 8 days ago

Amazing offering! I love the new video included feature. I hope the Ariana+Jess set has one too. Keep up the great work.

Marvel Administrator
5 years 8 days ago

Thanks everyone! I hope you can see by the set and video how much more confident Rebecca has become. It actually amazes us how much she has embraced the work and fans. You guys help us take care of her and we are thankful for that.
Ariana will be back with more soon! :)

5 years 6 days ago

Lovely to see Rebecca as always and we got the great bonus of having Ariana alongside and having the both in the video as well. Thanks very much Marvel. :)

5 years 2 days ago

Lower-res video is better than no video at all! Fantastic video addition to a wonderful set. Hope you do this more in the future!