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Okie Joe
13 days 9 hours ago

Magnificent Maleficent.
The Great Lena with her fifth and best Halloween special for Marvel.
Stunning. PLEASE vid of Her Awesomeness.

13 days 9 hours ago

Is there a Halloween bundle coming this year?

Marvel Administrator
13 days 8 hours ago

Don’t know yet, I’ll try and see. Wouldn’t be today unfortunately.

Joseph Blowee
13 days 8 hours ago

Hi Marvel:

Set looks great but I received incredible Succulent Lena (whichI already own) and not the Bodacious Maleficent Lena when I downloaded.

Joe Blowee

Marvel Administrator
13 days 8 hours ago

Fixed. You can get your fix download by going to your order tracking page.

Bobby Garfield
13 days 7 hours ago

Kudos to the Great and Powerful Marvel for another outstanding Lena set .
Like the U.S. Mail, Marvel delivers. I made a request for my yearly Lena Halloween fix and voila here it is.
Of all the great Marvel models, Lena facial expressions from fun (like pic 19 where her lips are painted like a Heart) to totally sultry (try pics 36 & 57).
Oh yeah and an incredible body. In the struggle between Lena’s sweater attempting to cover her awesome breasts and exposure of her boobs, guess who wins (SPOILER ALERT !! Not the sweater).
Here’s hoping for Lena to do more sets with a second model. Any chance Your Marvelousness???
Here’s another vote for a Halloween bundle as well.
Anyone know what Lena’s forearm tattoo represents?? Is it Kill La Kill??

13 days 6 hours ago

OMFG! again ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ insta-happy-Lena-buy.

Btw. I Missing her friend Nika.

13 days 2 hours ago

Lena looks very hot with her hair dyed black,a very nice Halloween set. :)

12 days 8 hours ago

good lord…she just gets better and better…not to harp on a subject, but of all the models here, for me at least, she would be one who could benefit most from HD video clips…

Mr Agreeable
12 days 27 minutes ago

Agree with Mikael (I miss Nika) and of course Dave about the need for Lena videos.
BTW not sure if there’s a glitch on the site (It was down earlier) but I was trying to vote up Dave and Mikael but was not allowed to becasue I needed to “log on.” Is that a thing now?? I don’t know how to do it if it is.

Marvel Administrator
11 days 23 hours ago

Fixed the upvote problem.

11 days 3 hours ago

Super sexy Lena !. I love her expressiveness, and I love the work of this photographer.
BTW: I think this is the third comment I send. Are they having any technical problems or its me?

Marvel Administrator
11 days 2 hours ago

We had some yesterday. But it should be fine now…

6 days 7 hours ago

Guess I’m a day late and a dollar short on this one but Lena gets even better with each set.
Any chance for Nika-Lena chess 2?
Or Nika-Lena checkers 1??
Or Battleship 1.5?