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1 month 15 hours ago

Oh, come on!

I saw this model’s new appearance (‘Rebirth’) a few months back and was intrigued; didn’t realize all her stuff after that has been photo set only.

I was waiting for this set since I saw it in the upcoming previews. The theme, the tiktok banner (although I hate tiktok), color scheme and her lingerie and then the pics out of it in the preview!! Set a higher price point, hire someone who does film. This is a travesty! The excuse of “photographer doesn’t like video”, can’t shoot video, or whatever b.s. like we got with Nika was horrible! If that really was the case, fire the cameraman and get someone who can do the job right! Instead of we lose great content cus someone isn’t cut out for the ONE JOB they have!

I’m getting this set cus…DAMN! That preview photo, but this would’ve been epic with a vid.

Marvel Administrator
1 month 8 hours ago

Hi thanks for the comment, I think there is a misunderstanding though. Kira is the one who doesn’t want to film video, it has nothing to do with the photographer. Normally I would not allow photo sets only, but Kira is a veteran and classic model, and so for her there was an exception. Remember, she was around before we started requiring video. She prefers that, nothing we can do about it currently.

30 days 13 hours ago

I wanted to add that and totally forgot. If the model, (in this case Kira), chooses not to do video, I totally get it. No matter when she started.

And no disrespect meant to the photographer or you all at MC. I saw the previews and my lust took over.

And I was not disappointed by that photo set!! I made it about three quarters of the way through while it was in photo mode automatically progressing forward. Gives me free use of both hands and just enough time to get a good look at each picture.

Definitely love her new hairstyle/look and her amazing tight, toned body and perky breasts and nips!

1 month 14 hours ago

Never a goo idea to polarise your customer base over something completely unrelated to the product

Marvel Administrator
1 month 8 hours ago

I could not care less about TikTok, there is no personal opinion on it. It was simply a name / description. We plan on just doing our job here (boring descriptions included next time).

1 month 9 hours ago