Vanessa – Wet (Photo + Video)



66 Pictures in ZIP Format + VIDEO

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Downloadable photo album in zip format + Video
Resolution: 3744 x 5616
Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Length: 8:33
Video Thumbnails: Above

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6 days 12 hours ago

I’m looking forward to this one. Seems like it’s been too long since we’ve last seen Vanessa.

6 days 10 hours ago

I swear MC, if you keep releasing updates like this, I am going to go into debt!

All joking aside, please continue to do so – shower updates are always nice, especially when they are with beauties like Vanessa. Since we’ve had one from Sabinka and Phoebe, what are the chances we get to see one from Diana next?

6 days 9 hours ago

I have never seen a “Wet” set that wasn’t worth it’s weight in gold,Instabuy!

6 days 6 hours ago

It has been too long since we’ve seen Vanessa, but worth the wait. She has become my fav, love her.

5 days 23 hours ago

Bye bye Little Sister and hello Girl Next Door!
The fact that nobody mentioned the picture count means they are twice as good now, aren’t they?

Marvel Administrator
5 days 18 hours ago

There were blurry photos which is why it’s a lower count. Sorry.

5 days 9 hours ago

I love this chick’s eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, gum piercing and smile and her hair up in a bun for the shower!! May sound weird, but cus she reminds me of my coworker!
I always see her and never get a set I realized, which is a travesty! I just rectified that and it won’t be the last time.

Any chance her next water shoot is a bath in lieu of a shower (and have the tub already warm and filled for her as the water running sound is horrible in vids)?

YES! This photographer!! First shot off the bat, head to toe, with those sexy long toes and arched feet/soles!! Pic #1 is already amazing!! Either it’s someone who knows what’s up and/or they’re listening to feedback. Either way, THANK YOU!! Feet were sorely overlooked on here and everywhere in general. I like she doesn’t have any polish on her feet as well. Nice and clean look. I think her hands, too, unless that’s naked polish.Those soles from behind lifted up and that tan booty and that eye contact! Pic #6!

Shame about the blurry pics, I would’ve loved em regardless. The 66 we did get were beautiful, so no worries! Foot lovers are gonna love this set!

Have the models (and photographers/videographers) ever considered custom photo sets and vids? Same type of vids, but if they’re worrying it won’t sell to the masses, to make it worthwhile, get a set price upfront by one buyer and it’s private to them or they can upload here too; whatever they decide.

I would love so many of these models just to have a foot focused vid. Head to toe at first, but then more focus just on their feet and maybe lotion, oil, food play, etc.

I would definitely love the outfit she modeled in this vid!

I’m just at pic 26! Great work. Imma take my time, but wanted to post this. Gonna savor this set. A true beauty and great photos. The vid will be for later.

❤️ you, Vanessa!

(Pic 12 was so cute, btw.)

Marvel Charm is hitting it out of the park this month!! Now, if we only got a new video upload from Anisa I’d be in heaven!

4 days 17 hours ago

thank you. :-)

3 days 10 hours ago

Vanessa, Still yearning for a men’s button down only ! My birthday is coming up, Mr Photographer, white or blue, one button only, Vanessa’s choice !!! As Dirty Harry says, “Go Ahead …Make My Day”

1 day 1 hour ago

Ok, will see 😉

18 hours 31 minutes ago

Wow !! Thanks…..:)