Stella & Valensia – Hay + High-Rise (Photo + Videos)



238 Pictures in ZIP Format + 2 VIDEOS

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Downloadable photo album in zip format + Video
Resolution: 3744 x 5616
Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Length: 5:57
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2 years 15 hours ago

I want play that body and pussy of Valensia

2 years 13 hours ago

Val is just fucking amazing.

2 years 6 hours ago

Dumb question…but why are the feet of the other girl being fuzzed in the preview?

Marvel Administrator
2 years 2 hours ago

It’s something we have fun with as a joke to our foot lovers. :)
Some will understand.

2 years 1 hour ago

Depending on how you swing I’d pick Stella to warm myself up for or chill out from Valensia’s exhibitionism.

Valensia looks real nasty in this one (the good kind). A real leg lover set, with lots of bottom up shots. The stockings and tight mini are spot on. When she dropped to the floor, I feel we kinda missed the opportunity for some backside shots (on all fours. ass up!) but the tongue lashing was a nice touch near the end. You really want to get ‘in on the action’. What a mean tease.
Compared to that shameless display we have Stella with a carefree attitude in the hay. Some of her tatoos clash a little with the simple setting but her confident and casual display of full nudity really carries this set. Her curly (natural?) hairstyle is very pretty and she delievers her most wholesome and beautyful shots to date. Stella seems to have reached a stage of maturity similar to Marissa 2-3 years back, where you can just drop her anywhere and she’ll make it work. Still hyped for more Stella.

Which gives me an idea: Would any of the girls be up for a more gonzo style, public shot? Flashing, posing in a safe but exposed environment (park, forest trail or ‘classic’ abandonned ruin) or is that so last pandemic? Nothing too over the top though. Don’t want the next shot to be in prison… unless I run it, of course :P.

2 years 1 hour ago

And of course I forgot the Stella video. Damn, I’d go on tumbling through the hay with her until I can no longer walk. Val has to take sloppy seconds, here.