Sabinka – Onlookers (Photo + Video)



86 Pictures in ZIP Format + VIDEO

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Downloadable photo album in zip format + Video
Resolution: 3744 x 5616
Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Length: 8:19
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10 days 11 hours ago

yessss! The MF backstage video of this set is very hot because of setting – outdoors, other people walking/running by. They theoretically could see gorgeous Goddess Sabi on all fours if they just turn their head around! So the taboo/candid nature of the backstage vid makes it very hot in my opinion. It is awesome that we finally get to buy this set.

Sidenote: If Goddess Sabi could interact with objects, like the way Rikki does with her MC Surprise video set like @4:39 mark in the video, I, and many others, would be over the moon. “Just” mouth/tongue stuff from Sabi. That is it. Nothing else. Just interacting with objects the way Rikki does at that specified time. Sabi is already brave as hell for us and I appreciate that, so whatever she is comfortable doing of course. I just believe that interacting with objects is one of many ways to increase the intensity of her sets that still keep inline with the teasing nature of her past sets.

10 days 6 hours ago

Sorry for the long message previously. I am just very excited for this set and Sabi’s future here at TM/MC and what that could look like.

The video is hotter than imagined with the people in the background looking. So hot. Even better than the MF backstage video. What a treat for us Sabi fans.