Phoebe – Nurse (Photo + Video)



87 Pictures in ZIP Format + VIDEO

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Downloadable photo album in zip format + Video
Resolution: 3744 x 5616
Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Length: 9:04
Video Thumbnails: Above

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21 days 21 hours ago

Wow, it’s really hot, thank you MCH!

21 days 20 hours ago

Such a pretty hot teasing Phoebe. Again a must have set :) thanks

21 days 20 hours ago

Shes perfect! For which other models her photographer is making pictures?
When you will set up marvelHard? ;)?

21 days 8 hours ago

Thank you, I am glad, that you like my job. :-)

Marvel Administrator
21 days 7 hours ago

Hello friend. 😀

21 days 7 hours ago

Mr. Photographer.

You did an excellent job. I am not much fan MC more of TM guy, however, Phoebe is my new favorite in MC and willing to support her work here in MC and she definitely welcome to come and visit TM.

J. Smith
21 days 6 hours ago

Like your job? I want your job!! LOL Great work! Not a difficult task though when you have beauties like Phoebe. The only thing difficult is dressing her down.

20 days 10 hours ago

You are doing a superior job

21 days 12 hours ago

oH MY ….. Nurse, I need help , I’m very sick loool ! What a Girl! She has melted me. I don’t know if I will buy all the sets because I have to share my love with a lot of girls on this site, but she has me in love. This time Phoebe is more “confident” in the video, and being more daring. I like her expressions a lot. The best moment was when she realized that she was showing “something” hehehe … and how she changed her expression and said something. Hell, I’d pay to know what she said. It was fun.
The “negative” point (not so much), for my taste is photography. I think there is too much “movement” as soon as I zoom in, and that’s a bit sad because the girl is good.
We are definitely expecting more and more from this girl. She is a lovely super beauty.

21 days 11 hours ago

Wow wow wow..

21 days 7 hours ago

I have completely failed to properly welcome Phoebe on here first set …let’s see if I can correct that…

Phoebe is incredibly beautiful and OH MY she turned up the heat right away in her first set and equally so in this second update.
Right from the first picture to the last Phoebe seems to know exactly how to pose, draw your eyes in and never let them go! What an astonishing girl!
And then there is those glasses, never seen anyone where they looked so natural, they really work well for her.
Though that said, I wouldn’t mind to see if not a set then a few pictures without them (I’m thinking a close up of her face with the glasses in her hand and the end of one of it’s “legs” near her mouth)

Also if you photographer is still reading I would like to provide some feedback.
I don’t know what it is, dust on the lens or something broken on the lens / sensor / camera, but there is a small darker “patch” always at the same on all pictures, first set as well as this set. it’s practically invisible if it fall on a already darker part of the picture and even with my very limited photo editing skills I can easily remove it, but still, perhaps you could fix it.
If it’s not just a matter of wiping the lens clean, but actually something broken, I’ll happily buy more sets from Phoebe (and other models?) to help out :)

21 days 6 hours ago

WOW !!! I love this girl. More of her please.

21 days 6 hours ago

Great work Mr Photog, I just whish my day in the office had such nice views :)

20 days 23 hours ago

Really glad to see Phoebe back so soon. She’s amazing. Love the part where she lies on her stomach and plays with the straps.

20 days 3 hours ago

Wow… Only her second set and she has already entered instabuy territory!!! I really hope she continues modeling for a good, long while!

20 days 1 hour ago

Phoebe has moved right onto my A-list instabuy group. This pretty,young woman has some amazing curves and I’m looking forward to seeing much more of them 😉 .

20 days 1 minute ago

That butt needs some loving, she is so hot

14 days 7 hours ago

Those curves are so frickin delicious. So sexy. I may have found a new favorite model…