Marvel Models Update 2020

An update from some of our models during this time.

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23 days 21 minutes ago

Just wanted to first say THANK YOU to the models for them giving us a part of themselves every time they give us a photo shoot. Happy that they are all safe and doing well and can’t wait until all of this mess is over. 2ndly THANK YOU to TM for being the best model site on the internet to date. When there is a model that is requested you all manage somehow to deliver. Awesome job on keeping us all happy and what better way to be #saferathome than with all the wonderful models you give us every other day.

23 days 18 minutes ago

Pretty cool little bonus. But like all things Marvel, needs more Rikki!

23 days 14 minutes ago

Really Nice gesture

Mariano Lorenzo
23 days 9 minutes ago

im in love!!!!

23 days 2 minutes ago

Oh lord Vanessa talking More of that please! Wish she had her own subscribestar. She’s incredible.

22 days 23 hours ago

Was nice to see them that way. Thanks for this!

22 days 22 hours ago

Like I said at TM, thank you for this vid, happy to hear and see you healthy ♥

22 days 18 hours ago

Thank you all for keeping us company while stuck at home, great video for us fans :)

22 days 18 hours ago

I was never a fan of Ximena, but that smile made my heart melt! Also Phoebes good english was quite a surprise. Thank you all, and stay safe!

22 days 15 hours ago

Just the breath of sensuous air that I needed when I woke up! Wish there had been a few others but that’s just me being selfish. So loved hearing from and seeing Phoebe! Bless everyone of you and thanx!

22 days 13 hours ago

This was fantastic! Thanks all for this. I love hearing them speak :) Even in their native language with subtitles is fine by me. Maybe even better because they can be more comfortable and themselves. All were sweet and beautiful but “Natural Lili” just made me fall in love all over again. God that’s a classy, gorgeous woman! Can you imagine waking up to her face every morning?

Marvel Administrator
22 days 12 hours ago

That is why she is the Queen. Now and forever. ❤️

22 days 12 hours ago

A very nice and touching way to communicate back to fans. Thank you to all MC/TM/LM staff and models!

Also, nice touch on the use of FF7R soundtrack!

22 days 7 hours ago

It was very nice to hear the models voicing their caring concern. Thank You Marvel Charm and Teen Marvel

22 days 6 hours ago

Oooh that is a nice gesture from the modelos. Thank you Girls. Very sweet voice of Phoebe :-)

22 days 5 hours ago

Stay safe all I am sure many of us will continue support you. Side note I must admit that Vanessa and Phoebei and Lilli is really cute to see natural.

Stay safe all of you! I know EU is starting to open up now but keep safe all it is far from over.

This is a war but I am sure the virus will loose this fight in the end.

❤❤ to all models at marvel sites.

22 days 4 hours ago

I want to hear Sarah talk. I can’t say I’ve ever heard her voice. ♡♡ Glad all you ladies are well! We all miss you.

Marvel Administrator
21 days 22 hours ago

Her recent set “Sexy” she talks in the video. :)

Luis Ramirez
21 days 2 hours ago

OMG I love them .specially Phoebe, Rebecca, Isabella, Anita, Nicolette but Marvel needs something to grow even more…needs KLEOFIA.

My Name Is Not Zelda
19 days 11 hours ago

i want to say, thanks to the models for being willing to show off their goods to entertain us. i REALLY enjoyed that Sofi message i gotta tell ya! anyway, that was cool to see video messages from those that participated in this video, especially Sofi. i thought the music was corny, but, that is just me being nitpicky.

be careful out there everyone. that means us the fans and the awesome models. peace!

Marvel Administrator
19 days 10 hours ago

Thanks! Sofi was a favorite, she was extra cute here. I know people will think the music is cheesy if they know the game. But we like being corny anyway. :)

17 days 6 hours ago

A really nice gesture by the models, and so nice to see and hear from my favourite, Sofi !! ,<3

12 days 8 hours ago

it’s weird, as much as I don’t like Vanessa in her set of photos, as much as I like in this video. is it the fact of seeing it in simplicity that I appreciated. A big thank you to all the models, because their voices and comments give hope, and I hope to see all the ladies in interviews in order to hear their voices and natural charm.