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13 days 21 hours ago

yay :O

The Wisher
13 days 20 hours ago

And the Angel in my arms this morning,
Is going to be the devil in someone else’s arms tonight….

What a Gorgeous and Voluptuous Angel. Just the right amount of everything in the right places. Thank you Marissa for continuing to share your angelic beauty with us and may you go-on Forever! And thank you MC & the photographer for bringing Marissa to us.

Thank you Marissa for being the “Angel in my arms this morning”. How I wish that >I< was that someone else who's arms you are going to be in tonight!

With much adoration for a classic (and classy) beauty,

The Wisher

13 days 20 hours ago

getting that no style info message when I try to d/l the files

Marvel Administrator
13 days 19 hours ago

Fixed now.

Richard P
13 days 15 hours ago

Marissa must have absolute love for MC, her photographer, and her fans here, because she is the absolute equal of any of the ladies I see on the other sites – MetArt, Amour Angels, etc. She stood out even in the Silver days, when she was, to be honest, a fairly gawky teenager but with a charisma that radiated from her sets and made people fall in love with her. She has, and always has had, the makings of a top-notch erotic model. I am thankful that we still see her here.

13 days 4 hours ago

What keeps me primed for her sets is her transformation. Compare her early and late silver sets with her progression here on MC. She turned into an evergreen like Lily.

12 days 21 hours ago

Marissa as an angel, now that is heavenly!

11 days 6 hours ago

When will you have new “TOP” model ?