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Joseph Blowee
3 months 7 days ago

The BEST model back after a WAAAAY too long hiatus (0 for May)
Hopefully the photographer’s studio has been refurbished from the flooding a few months back so I can get my minimum dosage of the incredible Lena

3 months 6 days ago

❤❤❤ Lena ❤❤❤ is smoking hot as always :)

3 months 6 days ago

Smooking set :-) Lena always has the most artistic and worked sets. I really liked the effect of the smoke and she seems to be suspended in the air. It’s very good. Recommendable !

3 months 6 days ago

Wow, what a unique set. And by Unique, I do mean fuckin’ HOT!
Can’t say I’ve ever seen a set where smoke is used like this and the contrast with black backdrop is way sexy.
The smoke in first shot seems to be in the shape of a heart (probably just my mind playing tricks on me from Lena withdrawal)
And as per my usual mantra , Lena really needs some videos. (Hopefully , the issues with set have been addressed and videos will be coming in the NEAR future)
Things that I’ve learned or already knew:
Smoke can be erotic.
Smoke inadequately covers Lena’s bodaciousness (meaning you can see her exquisite body)
Lena is Hot as Hell.
Lena needs more releases
Lena’s photographer is the Michelangelo of Marvel photographers.
Videos & Lena = AWESOMENESS

Thanks, Marvel, Lena and Photo person

3 months 6 days ago

The first Lena set I bought, I am more Rebeca’s fan but I can’t resist this kind of outfits with stockings and garter belts. She looks amazing, I hope more girls use this kind of outfits, stunning set!!