Katya – Micro Lace (Photo + Video)



89 Pictures in ZIP Format + VIDEO

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Downloadable photo album in zip format + Video
Resolution: 3744 x 5616
Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Length: 7:25
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Chrysee Sartorious
30 days 15 hours ago

Incredibly edible!

Steve P
30 days 14 hours ago

This is such an amazing set and her her makeup is really pretty. I love everything about her, just wish we got her updates more often.

Also I gotta say I still find it funny how you said she was more shy than Alissa lol

30 days 11 hours ago

I actually thought exactly the same. Both models nearly premiered at the same time and if you compare the progressions of them now…
Alissa, here is your benchmark!

30 days 2 hours ago

She overcame Alissa after half a dozen sets so, nope no shy lady Katya.

29 days 20 hours ago

She seems to usually use pretty basic makeup… Nothing over the top. It always works very well on her. In this set she looks absolutely stunning!

30 days 10 hours ago

Damn she is fine! Now can we get Jess or Ariana in a micro please <3

30 days 5 hours ago

I would like to see any and every model on the site wearing what Katya is wearing in this… but thank you Katya for your bravery… you have come a long way and though you have been very bold before, this is a step above… you are magnificently beautiful, have proven time and again you are willing to break out of your shell, and look incredible while doing so… you are a natural and look comfortable in any setting… many models here and elsewhere should take a cue from you (no offense to any other models intended)… please keep sharing your beauty and boldness with us! It has been a while since we last saw you, but it was totally worth the wait!!!

29 days 3 hours ago

I decided to buy because of your comment Yadnus, the outfit looked too hot to pass up. This was my first Katya set and she doesn’t make my top tier but she is a cute model and I’ll definitely consider buying more of her if she keeps wearing outfits like this. I too hope that many of the other models get to wear this, it would be a dream come true to see it on Sabinka or Vanessa 😉

Kayley/Lena/Sarah fan
30 days 7 hours ago

Wow! A little eye makeup, a super hot outfit and Katya suddenly becomes one of the hottest models on the site. Hopes she keeps it up. This set is literally stunning.

30 days 2 hours ago

Lovely !. I think Katya now seems more mature and self-confident.
Those underwear is fine, but I think it still hides a lot lool
Very nice set and video. The wait was worth it

30 days 2 hours ago

Great set, shame my bio suggestion wasn’t taken up -sad face-

Stan Katya
29 days 21 hours ago

So very happy to see another set of Katya! She looks so stunning here!

28 days 5 hours ago

Wow! I LOVE this video. Katya is such a beautiful young model. i look forward to every update of hers