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14 days 2 hours ago

OH MY! What an update, Andy is just so perfect! :)

13 days 22 hours ago

She is an absolute beauty. So very thankful for her, Jiri, and MC, etc. Her red hair is just divine. And the photo of her pulling open her jacket is 11/10, hot af.

Marvel Administrator
13 days 22 hours ago

She knows her talents. Her attitude from the photos alone will drain you.

13 days 17 hours ago

Another absolutely jaw dropping set from Andy! Agree with the other posts, even the photos are absurdly hot, but maybe that should be expected when we’re talking about Andy? Not that Marvel photos aren’t always hot! Like everyone else, I HATE pasties, BUT in this case they’ve contributed to one of the hottest sets on the site! First, this particular design feels a little bit more see through than most others, so that helps. Second, if we absolutely have to deal with pasties, I think they work far far better on bustier girls like Andy than girls like Vanessa or Katrine. Much as I hate to see her beauty obscured at all, getting to see such a spectacular pair of breasts freely bouncing and swinging and being rubbed is a real treat, and you just don’t get that with smaller girls. Lastly, I think Andy’s beautiful large areola’s really contribute as well, making it feel like we’re getting to see more than we might actually be. I watched the video praying they’d pop off at the end, but for a pasties set, I don’t think it gets better than this! And this without even mentioning how stunning she is from the waist down! This is a really amazing set! Maybe we’ll get to see her fully uncovered finally at the next event? I think Andy is more than ready!

Marvel Administrator
13 days 12 hours ago

There is a lot more to come from Andy. Some things that may surprise you… but you have to be patient, unless she decides on an MF page or you send her tributes to see upcoming sets. I will just say the next year from Andy will make things very clear. :)