Alissa & Kayley – Infatuated (Photo + Video)



107 Pictures in ZIP Format + 1 VIDEO

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Downloadable photo album in zip format + Video
Resolution: 3744 x 5616
Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Length: 7:55
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Mister J
11 months 19 days ago

Sweet Mother of Lucifer!!!

11 months 19 days ago

This combination has a lot of potential… Boooom

11 months 19 days ago


Dreaming about the future… the progression.

Will we see Alissa mushing her face in Kayleys bust…and other places?! 😀

11 months 19 days ago

This set looks like a lot of fun and Alissa and Kayley definitely seem to be enjoying each others’ company which is great. And, of course, a lot of people will find it hot seeing Alissa dressed as a central casting pornstar. That’s fine for a few sets, but I dearly hope it’s not now to become the official look for Alissa who has such a graceful pure beauty which was so much in evidence in her sets from last year.

It’s lovely that Alissa’s getting more confident again, but it’s getting harder and harder to see her incredible natural beauty under the layers of bleached hair, graffiti and MILF leopard skin lingerie. Yes, to hotter bolder sets from Alissa but don’t cheapen her beauty in the process!

11 months 18 days ago

Great set! I like how they check each other’s chest out.
Hopefully you will continue releasing sets with Alissa once every two weeks.
Btw, will she get her solo sets released on TM as well?

10 months 21 days ago

I think we were hoping to see Alissa’s nipples, not just Kayley. Especially Alissa. Nothing to cover up her exquisite beauty. It is time.