Welcome to the Spring Event! From May 17 – May 31.

The Marvel Spring Event is here! Almost all products 50% off! If you are unfamiliar with our events, please read everything here to get up to speed.

NEW: Spend $50 to get a free $5 credit into your MarvelFans account. Or spend $100 to get a free $10 credit into your MarvelFans account.
Purchasing MF Funds does not give you free credits. Everything else does.

Note: It must equal $50 or more AFTER you have applied the coupon code to receive the credit.
Note #2: Please make sure your MarvelFans email is the same email you use at checkout. Otherwise, we cannot credit you.
If your email is different on Marvelfans, use the NOTES field at checkout to input your MF email.

Event Unlock Sets + Tributes


Receive an exclusive unreleased photo when you send a Tribute! The photos will be of sets that will eventually get released to the public. When sending a tribute, leave a note on the checkout page or contact us and specify which model you want an exclusive photo of. Do not request specifics nor put in requests for a photo in a certain attire, or pose: What’s sent will be completely random for everyone.

Tribute page: https://marvelcharm.com/product/tribute/

After checkout, your tribute request will be placed in our queue for processing. You will receive a follow up e-mail containing the link to your tribute reward. Be patient, it can take some time to process every tribute we receive.

You can send more than one tribute. Yes, this means more than one exclusive photo as well.
Note: If the model you requested does not have any unreleased upcoming sets, then you will have to choose another. You can always contact us beforehand and we’ll let you know if a model has something.


The information below explains how much progress Tributes give towards the next unlock. Regular set purchases also still contribute, albeit at a smaller amount.
1x Tribute adds 0.20% to the next level.
2x Tribute adds 0.40% to the next level.
3x Tribute adds 0.60% to the next level.
4x Tribute adds 0.80% to the next level.
5x Tribute adds 1.00% to the next level.
and so on…
Each user can add a maximum of 5% per unlock. NOTE: You can still Tribute after this cap and get your rewards, it will just not add an further progress for that unlock.

Purchasing sets, as always, still adds progress to the levels.

How to Use Coupon Code

After adding sets to your cart, look for the coupon information on the left side of your cart page.


Click on the left box next to “Apply Coupon” like the image above shows and input your code. In this case, use the code: marvel50.

Press enter or click on “apply coupon” and that’s it. If the coupon does not apply, this means your original order does not total the minimum of $20, or you have a set that is not compatible with the coupon.

Level System:

-Progress to the next level goes up when anyone buys sets and leaves comments (no spam allowed).

-An extra set is released when reaching a new level.

-Everybody is the same level. The level you see reflects the community as a whole. Everybody sees (and gets) the same content.

-There will still be regularly scheduled updates. We will do our best to release scheduled sets on time.

Order Tracking

We have implemented order tracking for those customers who were having trouble receiving or wondering where their orders were. Follow this link to start tracking your orders:


You can also visit the order tracking page at the top of our website right next to the contact page. To track your order, you will need to input the order # you received at checkout and the e-mail you used.


Once you click “track”, you will be presented with the confirmation page seen after your initial checkout. The important info you should look for is here:


The highlighted text is what to look for. This can change between the following statuses:

Completed: The order has been completed, and you will be able to download your sets on this page or in the e-mail sent to you.
Failed / Refunded: Both statuses mean your order failed and was refunded.
Cancelled / On Hold: Your order is going through verification. Cancelled does not mean it failed, it is simply on hold until we get to your order.

If your order stays on Cancelled / On Hold for longer than 24 hours, contact us and we will solve the issue as fast as possible. If you want to know the reasoning behind a failed / refunded order, you can also contact us.

If you do not receive your order within 24 hours, use our contact form and give us your order number.